Why I created this blog?

Read it from the start then read this message I just wrote Jim.

Anything you can share I will post on this blog.

It’s not the only one.
This is a long story about how I came to write so many.

Let’s just say that I have been meeting a WWII veteran about 25 times since 2010.
All this led me to write more and more as people shared information with me.

RAF 238 is just a spin-off blog, but is as important as the first one…


It was created after this one…


My wife’s uncle was aboard HMCS Athabaskan.
I met him in 2009. He did not want to talk about it.

So I got curious and started looking and writing.

Writing is how we met.

The very best regards,


More on Bill Snider…

This comment…

Bill Snider was a close, personal friend of my father’s… so I met him on several occasions. He lived the substantial part of his post-war life in a town called Gravenhurst, Ontario, Canada. I could probably connect you to his living descendents if anyone desired more information. He passed away in the 1980s or 90s, I believe, from cancer. He was certainly on-hand for the notable raid behind enemy lines – although he expressed some remorse as it appears there was some information that it may have been a column of Italian soldiers who were probably more interested in surrender than anything else. The other story he related to me was having to chase a German high-altitude photo recon plane over Egypt, when he scrambled he didn’t have time to put on cold weather clothing and was absolutely frozen at the dizzying heights he had to climb… in the end, the plane he was flying was shaking (probably he was too, in the frigid cold) at extremely high altitude trying to close on the recon aircraft, and I don’t think he was able to get any significant shot at it, nothing of consequence, at any rate.

My name is Jim Miller – you can reach me at my personal e-mail address.

Snider and Kelbe

Bill Snider and Kelbe