A request

Hello Pierre,

I am writing to you after reading your fascinating blog about No. 238 Squadron.  My name is Cpl Tom England and I am an instructor on the modern day 238 Squadron, based at RAF Cosford in Shropshire.  One of my secondary duties on the Squadron is that of the history and heritage rep.  As part of that role, I am currently researching the history of the unit, something which seems to have been strangely neglected in recent years.  I have found it very strange that a Squadron with such an interesting and diverse history, should be largely lacking from the history books.  I have found your blog to be most informative, helping me to fill in a few gaps in my knowledge.

Whilst I have managed to get hold of the Squadron’s ORBs without difficulty, I am finding the almost complete absence of any photographs particularly frustrating.  I see you have a number of pictures on your blog.  In fact, it contains almost all of the images I have managed to find to date.  I wonder if you would mind me taking some copies of those for our archive?

I am also keen to make contact with anyone with links to the Squadron.  Although a huge amount of information can be gleaned form the ORBs, I would rather like to track down some more personal accounts and stories relating to the Squadron’s past – log book or diary entries would be high on my with list.  I wonder if you might be able to point me in the direction of any resources or personalities that have been of use to you while writing the blog.  Any assistance you could offer me would be extremely welcome.

Kind regards,

Cpl Tom England

Please leave a comment and I will contact you and Tom.