Rogozarski LVT-1 – The “Hurrischmitt”

Another kind of Hurricane

Defence of the Realm

How the Hurricane looked with the DB 601a engine installation (Nenad Mukslev)How the Hurricane looked with the Daimler-Benz DB 601A engine installation (Nenad Mukslev)

The Hawker Hurricane is one of the greats of military aviation. Forever sitting in the shadow of its more famous comrade-in-arms, the Supermarine Spitfire, its unassuming looks hide a fascinating and pivotal role it played in history. While its service with the Royal Air Force and Britain’s allies has been well documented less is known of its equally fascinating story with the Kingdom of Yugoslavia Army Air Force (Jugoslavensko kraljevsko ratno zrakoplovstvo).

YRAF_Hawker_HurricaneWith Europe rearming in the face of an increasingly aggressive Nazi Germany the Yugoslavian government signed an agreement with Hawker in the UK to acquire up to 24 Hawker Hurricane Mk.Is with kits to produce more aircraft locally in the future. Production of Yugoslavian machines was split between the factories at Rogozarski and Zmaj and a total of 100 machines were planned. At the same time the…

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