Soviet Hawker Hurricane Specials

I just love Hawker Hurricanes!

Defence of the Realm

The Soviet Air Forces were in an extremely poor state when the Germans struck east on June 22nd 1941. The vast majority of their aircraft were relatively impotent in the face of the advanced German Luftwaffe but worse still was the Soviet’s inability to detect incoming raids early enough to respond. Vast numbers of Soviet aircraft were destroyed on the ground by the Luftwaffe and their bases overrun before being used as forward operating posts against their former owners.

In London the opening of the eastern front by Hitler was greeted with staunch enthusiasm and some disbelief by the military leadership including Churchill who viewed it as an obvious blunder. Hitler hadn’t finished the fight against the British Empire in Western Europe or North Africa and now he was taking on the millions of Soviet soldiers. The superiority in numbers on the battlefield the Soviets were expected to offer…

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Who am I writing for?

Who am I writing for?

Cathy Swanson whose father was a fighter pilot who I thought only flew with RCAF 403 Squadron.

Gil Gillis when he was with RCAF 403 Squadron

Larry Hayward whose father was a navigator when 238 Squadron reformed as a transport squadron.

238 Sqn arrival in Australia

Wendy Bradshaw whose father was also a navigator.

Robert Davis

Who am I writing for?

Any relatives of these pilots who might one day read this blog about 238 Squadron, and want to know more.

20 February 1943 Gamil

This is from whom I am writing for.

This blog  started last year as a tribute to Gil Gillis, Cathy’s father. He was the only one identified on this picture.

No date, just a few clues, mostly the Hawker Hurricane Mk IIc fitted with a Vokes filter for North African operations during WW II.

Gil Gillis in the desert with Hawker Hurricane

It has grown since last year, and it will keep on growing.