Gil Gillis – Pense Sask.

That’s how my search began in September 2011…

Gil GillisWalter Neil Dove collection via Greg Bell

The thing to do was to write the town hall of Pense…

I never got any reply from my request about information on Gil Gillis who was a hometown boy from Pense, Saskatchewan.

I would have wished something like that.


We are sorry, but this person is a complete stranger to us or anybody in our small town of 532 people (2011 census).

Have a good day.

I got no answer. It did not deter me, and I continued with my search for Gil Gillis anyway. Then the floodgates opened wide when Cathy Swanson found one of my blogs on July 31st, 2014.

I then started posting what she had sent.

This particular image caught my attention, and got me to scramble…


There was a clue in Gil Gillis’s address book!

Gil Gillis address book 238 squadron clue