Merry Christmas from El Alamein

I thought this was the right place and the right time to reblog this post…

History Geek

It is that wonderful time of the year again.  Deadlines are looming, traffic is congested, frantic shoppers jostle for position at the cashier and all the while we are being mocked by sadistically ironic jingles about what a wonderful time we are supposed to be having.  It sure can be stressful and it has been no exception for History Geek, however now might be a good time to have a bit of a reality check.  It could be worse – we could be in a desert fighting Nazis.

One of my favourite ephemera collections is dedicated to the silly season.  I like to collect vintage Christmas cards.  Specifically, I like to collect cards designed for ships, businesses or military units.  They are fun to collect as they are often exceedingly rare, sometimes even one of a kind items, are interesting to research and the prices they reach at auction are yet…

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