Intermission – Hurricane Mk.IIc

A great rendition of a North African workhorse…


The Hurricane was the backbone of RAF Fighter Command during WWII but often goes without the praise it certainly deserves.

From the Battle of Britain to the deserts of the Libya , this great British warbird has written itself into the pages of history with distinction.

I have built plenty of 1/48 Hurricane’s in the past but I have always wanted one in 1/32 scale. There are two kits available in this scale, the very old and quite basic Revell/Monogram kit originally produced in the 1970’s or the more recent and advanced Pacific Coast Models offering. What I wanted was a cannon armed Mk.IIc in desert camouflage.


After many, many months of searching eventually something good turned up in my inbox-a 1/32 Revell Hurricane Mk.IIc in “used” condition. I purchased it from the vendor who had kindly informed me that he had “done a little work ” to the model…

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