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Ray, Phil, Jock, Bob in a reunion in Calcutta

Courtesy Richard Hall

Collection Robert Davis

Richard Hall’s Contribution

Richard Hall just got excited yesterday. He realised that there were a lot of Bob Davis’ photos posted on the blog and that most amazingly his dad appeared on some of them.

Here are the numbers Richard found…

Bob Davis (15)

No. 15

Bob Davis (24)

No. 24

Bob Davis (31)

No. 31

Bob Davis (32)

No. 32

Bob Davis (33)

No. 33

Bob Davis (81)

No. 81

Bob Davis (93)

No. 93

Bob Davis (100)

No. 100

Bob Davis (107)

No. 107

Richard had never seen these photos before. He told me yesterday that his dad would have been blown away if he were still alive…

But this is far from over. Richard told me he will double his efforts to scrutinize his dad’s photos and see what he can come up with…

As you probably have figured this one out, Richard Hall’s father was Bob Davis’ pilot!

Bob Davis Log Book011 (2)

Small world…



Breaking News!

A comment just in this morning from New Zealand…

My father was with 238 squadron and seeing Bob’s logbook in all it’s glory I decided to fish out my dad’s one and sure enough the entries are all there to compare…

My dad is Flight Sergeant Hall from New Zealand, and they flew many hours together…

Did Bob take photos of his time in Burma?

Kind regards,

Richard Hall

To be continued…