Finding Gil Gillis

The original post was published in 2015 after I found a clue to who were these pilots.

Finding Gil Gillis in September 2011 became like an obsessive search for a Spitfire pilot whose picture was in a photo album of another Spitfire pilot.

Both flew with RCAF 403 Squadron late in the war.

Gil Gillis

I am trying very hard to control my compulsive obsession about finding the “Few” since 2011. Finding the “Few” like Tommy Todd and many more. Tommy Todd’s grandson shared all he knew about his grandfather who also flew with RCAF 403 Squadron.

Cathy Swanson shared all about her father which resulted in the creation of this blog to pay homage to Gil Gillis.

Frederick Burdette GillisGil Gillis

Everything is posted here with the kind permission of Cathy.

This however is not.


It was shared on a forum with a message.

Hi Tom

I have a photo album and log book of Sgt. Later Flight Lt. Clement St John Nichols. He flew with 238 from November 1940 until his death in July 1943, there are many small photos.
It was a great shame that he survived as a Fighter pilot for nearly 3 years operationally, to be killed whilst being transported with other squadron pilots in a transport aircraft.

I’m happy to send you a photocopy of his log book and scan the photos if you PM me.

Here are a few photos for the forum.

This is a kind of Rosetta Stone to feed my compulsive obsession with finding the “Few” on this 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain.

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